WordPress Updates in Version 4.8 (Evans)

Today WordPress released version 4.8 – Some nice features are creeping in and some were overdue!

Image, Video, Audio and Text Widgets

If you know anything about widgets then you will understand the flexibility of WordPress. Widgets allow you to add certain features to all of your pages or posts, or even to the ones you want. This of course makes it easy to add an advert for example to your entire site.

Text Widget for WordPressHowever, in the past – the only way to add an image, video, audio or text widget was by selecting the generate text / html widget which demanded you put your own code in. This made it more work for styling.

However, the new text widget includes a WYSIWYG editor – making it easy to add stylised text and much more.

Video Widget

This is also great for designers, allowing the addition of any video from the media library or even a URL from your Youtube account or whatever to be inserted and sized automatically into the widget area.

Inserting a Link – Fix

Ever tried to add a link into your text editor and nothing happens – Finally, WordPress have got around to fixing this irritating problem. The issues was highlighting some text to add a link, clicking the link button and not being able to edit the link!

Widget Logic

Widget LogicIncidentally, if you are interested in adding widgets to certain pages then check out the Widget Logic Plugin – This can include some of the following setups – Allowing easy control of where your widgets appear!

is_front_page() Show widget on the front page.

is_home() Show widget on the “posts page” aka “blog page”.

is_page() Show widget on pages. You can use the Page’s ID, Title or Slug.
is_page( array('About', 'Contact', 50, 75) )

is_single() Show widget on posts.
is_single('Hello World')
is_single( array('Hello World', 'Happy Birthday Post', 45) )

in_category() Show widget if post is in a category.
in_category( array('Anime', 'Manga', 'Cat1', 'Cat2') )

has_tag() Show widget if post has a tag.
has_tag( array('Tutorials', 'WordPress', 'Tag1', 'Tag2') )

Updating Your Website – Important!

Did you know that updating your site can break some of the features? Scary!

Doesn’t happen with every update but you should be aware that some of the features of your website may stop working. WordPress always recommend to make a backup of your site first. Most folk can’t be bothered and just hit the ‘update’ button. Although, this could prove to be a very expensive job if you are not familiar with fixing broken sites yourself!

The Cause of Websites Breaking

Most site problems start with incompatibility of plugins, or not using a ‘child theme’.

How We Can Help

We can assist in the upgrade process by testing out your site in our test environment, ensuring we have a backup and then implementing the upgrades. This is a yearly service and only costs 2000kr!

If you are interested in this service we recommend giving us a call or contacting us at Webbhotell Luleå

Have a good Friday!

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