Where Design Ends and Confusion Starts

Complex WordPress Editors Are Not What We Want

A lot of WordPress interfaces for adding posts or pages can be very confusing for business owners. WordPress themes consist of many extra features and can help create simple or complex layouts. However, the website owner only wants a fast way to add new content without having to read through pages of documentation or watch Youtube movies – right?

Content Management Gone Wrong

Content management is actually what WordPress is designed to provide – a way to manage content. But, the designer can remove the ability to manage the content by installing a complex editor which is not user-friendly – This is a common problem we have discovered over the years. Spending time understanding how a complex theme works is both frustrating and time-consuming.

Superhighway can offer a solution

Wordpress EditorsBy separating up the segments of your site into chunks we can easily allow you to add /edit new content quickly, use the basic WordPress simple editor for posts and achieve it all with minimum training!

It’s all part of our great service to our customers!

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