When did you update your web page with the latest security updates?

Which company does not have its own website now? If you do not see it, you do not usually say that. So most companies have their own page to present their company and the products/services they can offer to all interested.
But what happens after you’ve delivered and installed its amazing website at a hosting provider? Unfortunately, the webpage will forget faster than you think and soon you can get there with a hacked web page.

Learn from IDG’s article: Security holes in thousands of online stores – hackers can steal your card details
“Dutch security expert Willem de Groot has found at least 38 Swedish online stores where hackers installed a virus that steals the customer’s card data.”

If you have a public website and a webshop, it’s very important that you always use updated software, servers, and firewalls.
Unfortunately, few companies have the necessary capabilities and time to maintain their website with the latest security updates and you can choose to work with a partner that provides a safe and economical solution tailored to you after you receive a fantastic nice website delivered.

Contact us at SuperHighway.se and we will help you find a solution that suits your needs.

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