What is HTTPS://

HTTPS is Security For Customers

The ‘s’ in https:// stands for SECURITY and provides an encrypted security environment between a browser and a website with a valid security certificate installed.

HTTPS provides additional encrypted security for sensitive information like credit card details or contact information – name, email address etc.  If you collect email addresses for newsletters or subscription forms,  then we highly recommend installing a secure certificate on your hosting server.

How do we view a secure certificate on a website?

Look at the web address at the top of this page – You will see a padlock next to https which means this page is secure. Click on the padlock for further information and a popup displays your connection to this site is private.
There are major advantages for having a secure certificate on your site:

  • Google’s recommended guidelines for best web practices advises that secure certificates should be used on every website – Google Recommendations
  • If you have a secure up-to-date certificate on your website your organic listings will perform better – More Traffic!
  • Your customer information will be encrypted and protected from snoopers, thieves and dishonest middle-men.  You also make it harder for hackers to enter your site.
  • Customer confidence increases – especially when credit card information or personal emails are used. This will have a positive effect on sales.
  • Status – You are a serious business owner and treat security as priority for your online business. Visitors value security and will return.
  • Improves Conversion Rates.

How to obtain a secure certificate

You can either do this yourself or get your webmaster or whoever deals with your site administration to install a certificate. In some cases there will be additional costs.


Our FREE Installation Offer

We are now offering to install a security certificate for free on your site ensuring 24 hour encryption which lasts for 365 days. To receive this free installation you will have to complete a transfer of your domain and webspace to Superhighway.se

Our Costs

For only 2000kr per year

  • Domain name and Webspace
  • Free setup and transfer of your website
  • 24-Hour daily backup of your site
  • Security Certificate
  • Access to 5 free email accounts.

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