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Important Info about WordPress

WordPress – What’s Inside?
Who is Managing Your Updates?
Why You Should Update Your Site Regularly
Why Does WordPress Break?
How Much Are You Being Charged Every Year For Your Webbhotell?
The Good News!

Wordpress Updates

WordPress – What’s Inside?

WordPress is like a car – it needs a bit of maintenance and parts upgraded. It is constantly evolving by adding new features, fixing bugs and more importantly fighting against security vulnerabilities.

Who is managing your WordPress updates?

Often the answer is nobody. You had a website designed and then End Of Story.

Why you should update your site Regulary

Quite simply you can be hacked easily by offering hackers a doorway through an out-of-date plugin, theme or older version of WordPress.

Why does WordPress Break?

This can happen for several reasons:

  • Themes that are not up-to-date can break with the latest version of WordPress. A lot of themes are pre-bought by design companies with a yearly license and not renewed by the designer.
  • 3rd party plugins can stop functioning because they are not compatible with newer versions of WordPress and conflicting with other plugins.
  • Your site has been hacked.

How Much Are You Paying Every Year?

We have had many discussions with business owners about costs. Some people are paying way too much for this service. You will pay for a domain name, webspace, email, website updates (if any), connection to online banking services if you have an online shop.

The Good News

Superhighway prices when you transfer to us.

  • Domain, Web Space and up to 25 email accounts – 1500kr per year.
  • WordPress and Plugin Updates – 2000kr per year.
  • Theme Updates – If you have a pre-purchased theme (we can find out for you) – We will update it at the price of the theme plus 500kr for setup.

If your site was built by us then we update the theme free (every year) Yes, we build sites in WordPress.

For details of how to transfer your site easily to Superhighway get in touch!

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