Webbhotell Luleå

Webbhotell LuleåSuperHighway provides an excellent webbhotell for Wordpress Websites including:

  • Free transfer of your existing website over to our AWS servers.
  • Secure Certificate - Add security to your site for sensitive private information.
  • Advanced Caching Optimisation - Ensures your site is ultra fast!
  • 24-hour Backup Service of your latest posts or pages.
  • Fast Video Streaming including 4k movies!
  • Email of up to 25 email accounts


Amazon AWS

Amazon Web Services LuleåSuperHighway integrate with Amazon AWS Services, a secure cloud service platform.

Amazon AWS are leaders in cloud technology and provide content delivery globally to help businesses scale and grow. Businesses are using AWS to create sophisticated applications which can easily integrate with the latest technologies of voice search and other innovative artificial intelligence.

At SuperHighway we are excited to work with this technology and can help companies from simple, scaleable hosting services to bigger ideas!

Our Wordpress Update and Customisation Service

Webbhotell LuleåWhy Update Your Wordpress Website?

Simple - Security, Bug Fixes and Compatibility with Themes and Plugins.

We provide additional customisations for your website. We are experts in Wordpress, programming, search engine optimisation and solutions which can be applied to your online business. We are offering you IT solutions and expert knowledge.

Wordpress updates for plugins and themes can break your site. Always make a backup of the site before updating. If you haven't got a 'child-theme' then think what an update can do to your site - It can override any customisations you or your web designer has created, if it is not done properly.

We can update Wordpress, Plugins and *Themes for 1 yearly price!

Freedom of mind to know your website is in safe hands!

*If your theme is a licensed theme from a 3rd party then we can help update your theme license.

How to Transfer Your Domain and Site to Us

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