The Power of WordPress

WordPress: The Facts

Wordpress ThemesWordPress is an open source CMS (Content Management System) which powers 25% of the world’s websites. This system provides a rigid structure which allows website owners to edit and update their website without having to edit any code whatsoever.

Did you know – 25% of websites around the world are being powered by WordPress!

Not so long ago WordPress was considered to be just a blogging tool but it has evolved into a mainstream web platform because of its sheer power and versatility.

WordPress templates can be installed easily and are available from 3rd party developers which have transformed WordPress from a free tool into a very lucrative market. However, most companies still want a web designer to create a custom brand and design layout which is unique to their company profile.

WordPress is like a car – It must be maintained!

wordpress-carThrough updates and bug fixes, WordPress is continually updated – In most cases this has to be done manually.  WordPress unfortunately attracts hackers because of its popularity and opportunities to add spammy links back to promote other sites or even illegal activities. There are of course methods to counteract hijacked WordPress accounts and keep the pirates at bay through updates.

Not many web developers and designers will update your website. This is simply because they have been given the job of creating your site and then ‘end of story’.

We at Superhighway provide this extended update service and will give continual support including updating your site to the latest version of WordPress, optimizing it for speed and backing up your site on a daily basis.

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