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WordPress Updates in Version 4.8 (Evans)


Today WordPress released version 4.8 – Some nice features are creeping in and some were overdue! Image, Video, Audio and Text Widgets If you know anything about widgets then you will understand the flexibility of WordPress. Widgets allow you to add certain features to all of your pages or posts, or even to the ones…

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More important that one’s site uses https:// and not http://

Google works a lot for a safer internet. One thing they already did is that all searches by those sites that have valid security certificates rank higher than those who do not. Now they will take the next step in making us using the Chrome browser more readable about which pages you browse for, which…

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When did you update your web page with the latest security updates?

Secure Cloud Solution

Which company does not have its own website now? If you do not see it, you do not usually say that. So most companies have their own page to present their company and the products/services they can offer to all interested. But what happens after you’ve delivered and installed its amazing website at a hosting…

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