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Spread The LoveHaving people subscribe to your newsletter is a great way to promote offers and updates on your products or services. It’s a real way to connect with your customers! This allows you to send personalised emails to a group or several different groups of subscribers.

Here’s a simple example of how it could work….An online clothes shop might sell shirts, dresses or jewellery. Let’s now add a subscription box which also asks the following questions:

Newsletter Custom Questions

Are you male / female?

First Name:

Last Name:

Email address:

Tick the boxes for special offers on shirts, dresses, jewellery etc.

Gathering more information about visitors allows filtering of individual interests into groups – male / female, buying interests and any other info which is relevant to targetting potential customers.

We can now create and target email campaigns to specific groups and offer relevant and related products / services. Maybe a guy who bought a shirt would be interested in buying even more shirts of a specific brand or even a tie or sweater? Or, a female who bought a dress would like to receive offers on jewellery accessories.

Targetting the correct group with relevant ads is vital to keeping your subscribers happy as non-relevant ads are in danger of prompting your userbase to activate the UNSUBSCRIBE ME notification!

mailchimpWordPress-powered sites can easily be connected to Newsletter services like Mailchimp which can store all of your filtered customers in various groups and allow you to send personalised emails with relevant info.

We only need to know the customers first name and we can write something like…

Dear Hans, as a valued customer I thought I would let you know about our latest 25% discount offer to buy blah, blah blah with a saving of over 160kr! Enter the following discount code: B345Ri – Offer ends in 3 days!

SuperHighway can help you integrate more with your customers and setup your Newsletter account. Just give us a call.



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