More important that one’s site uses https:// and not http://

Google works a lot for a safer internet.

One thing they already did is that all searches by those sites that have valid security certificates rank higher than those who do not.

Now they will take the next step in making us using the Chrome browser more readable about which pages you browse for, which do not use a functioning and encrypted communication between your web browsers and web pages.

You have probably seen that when you browse your bank, you have the https:// sometimes and sometimes http://. Https:// means that if everything sent between your web browser and the web page, you are using secure and encrypted communication between you, but it may be wrong with this communication and it is important that it really works. If it does not work, you usually get a message that the communication may not be completely safe.

The problem is that there are unbelievably many pages that do not use encryption. Running with http: // makes it very easy for hackers to get information to be able to hack you.

To inform us when we browse sites that use http:// (unsure and unencrypted), they will show us a pop-up in our web browser that the pages we visit are insecure.

Here at, customers we will install and keep their sites updated with what they need for their sites to work with https:// (securely and encrypted)

Do you want to test how sure your site is, so there is a nice free test on this link at Qualsys SSL Labs:

Picture of how the test of our site with A +, all our customers get tested by us to ensure they are sacure:


Here is a link to an article just published by a big Swedish IT magazine Tech:

Even more about https in Google’s browser – and it gives results

So if you do not have https:// on your site now, we can help you with it, and soon it becomes even more important for those who use your website so they don’t get unnecessary popups when it’s easy to fix.

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