Is Your Website Frustratingly Slow?

Slow Loading WebsitesRemember the good old days of modems? Remember the slow connection speed and pages gradually rendering in front of your eyes – minutes later???  Those were the days!

You would think after 23 years we would be moving onwards to superfast websites…But, because people have become more impatient and expect things delivered even faster there are still too many websites out there which perform badly.

The Effects Of A Slow Website

How can a slow website affect your business? Here are a few reasons:

  • Impatient visitors don’t wait around, they simply click somewhere else – This is as bad as putting up a sign ‘website under construction’.
  • The search engine robots will reward fast sites and penalise slow ones – So, your organic listings will drop – Less traffic!
  • 79% of visitors who experience your slow site will not return. Why should they have to suffer?
  • Does a slow website represent the quality of your services or products? Well, this sounds silly but first impressions count!

Online Tools to Assess Your Website Speed

Pingdom Website Speed TestHere are a couple of very reliable sites to test out your website speed:

Let’s take a look at Pingdom – You’ll see from your results in the Performance Grade – This is an overall grading of the combined results – Anything below an ‘A’ can be fixed!

If you’re page size is large (more than 4mb) then there is a good chance you are very graphic heavy! Or, you have a lot of scripts running.

Self Help

Optimise your graphics! Most graphic software packages allow you to save optimised graphics with fewer colours or allow you to save into a format which is more web friendly. For example, png to jpeg.

Avoid using too many plugins on your site. If you’re site is using WordPress then make sure you haven’t added to many bells and whistles for simple tasks. Reducing plugins increases speed!

Leverage Browser Caching – If you are prepared to do some behind the scenes editing then we strongly recommend this action. Editing your .htaccess file can be a dangerous action but can help reduce your site download speed by caching it to returning visitors.

Our Help Service

We can reduce the weight of your site with different techniques and without breaking your site.

The effects are a faster site, more traffic and a better experience for your customers!

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