Bokun Demo 009 Private Group & One Guide

Bokun is a really good booking system originating from Iceland. Almost all companies in Iceland who provide activities and tours use the Bokun sales platform. It is pretty easy to setup but an easy system might not have a huge amount of functionality, so sometimes it’s hard to find out how you should set it up to get your products working the way you want without having a deeper knowledge.

So, here is what we solved for a customer that wanted to set up a new product:

  1. Want it to be a private group, 2-6 people.
  2. They have only one guide for this activity.
  3. Price is starting at 3500sek for the first 2 participants and then increase by 500sek per participant.

Here is a working example how we solved it:


If you want more information about this or you have other products that you have no clue how to set up, please feel free to contact us.

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