Booking Engines Are Transforming Tourism

Day Trips and Booking Engines

Booking engines provide a powerful way for customers to interact and connect with online businesses. There are so many scenarios where booking engines can be used, here are just a few project examples which SuperHighway have been working with recently:

Book a Place on a Educational Course

Booking a place on an event or course. The customer chooses the dates and location of each course, pays online and receives an automated receipt of payment and the course booked. Availability is updated so no double bookings can be made. The admins as well as the customers receive confirmation of the booking after payment is complete.

Booking a Tour on a Boat

Working in the tourist industry is one of our personal favourites because tourism is directly related to fun! We recently installed a 3rd party booking engine on one of our clients’ websites. Now they are able to promote tours and receive payment from an external booking engine. Payments are logged through an affiliate program so that the reseller receives payment.

Booking Engines for Service Providers in the Tourist Industry

Businesses who provide a service – Snowmobile rental, snow/ice tours, accommodation or other outdoor activities can benefit hugely from an online booking system. Not only can they receive bookings direct from customers but from resellers who can also promote their business – linked from the very same system. This is an ideal way to grow and benefit from multiple channels. Booking systems like this can be automated, collect cash and provide a working calendar of events and organisation.

We are now working with several other booking engines which don’t completely fit the business model of a company but can be customised through our API programming to adapt and provide a much closer match to a company’s requirements.

If you would like to find out more about booking engines please get in touch.

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