Bókun Training in Luleå

Bókun Training Course in Luleå

Bókun TrainingTomorrow we start our first 2-day training course in association with Swedish Lapland on how to setup and use the popular tourism booking engine – Bókun.

10 participants will take part in our new training course. Our course structure first starts with talking about all the menus in Bokun as well as setting up real-time, hands-on training for creating products. The course is designed to take complete beginners through the entire process of learning how to use the booking system and how it can easily be inserted onto any website.

Bókun Start-Up Package

Our start-up package with Bókun includes a one-to-one 4 hour training session. This is ideal for business owners who have a specific type of business which may include Tours & Activities, Accommodation, Transport or Car Rentals. We customise our training to suit the needs of the business owner.

Bókun’s cross-platform selling feature allows suppliers and sellers to setup contracts with other businesses inside the ‘marketplace’ and resell other products combined with your own.

Anyway, if you need help with Bókun or need help getting started simply get in touch with us from our contact page!

If you haven’t heard about this tourism booking system simply sign up here for a Bokun 3 month trial


Well, we ran our course and it was great to meet all the participants who are involved with Tourism in Swedish Lapland. We had hoteliers, activity providers, travel agents and Resort Locations. What is interesting is the fact that everybody is interested in cross-selling, which is one of the strongest features of Bókun.

Moving Forward

We also received feedback on how we can improve our course and make it better for the future – All comments taken on board and we are making changes to our educational material! What’s important to anybody who is learning a new system is to keep at it – Hands-on!

Bókun  / SEO / WordPress Training

If you are interested in finding out more about our training packages please call Peter Larsson on 027-050 2895 or email peter@superhighway.se.


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