Bókun - Tourism Reselling Platform

SuperHighway are now official Scandinavian partners of Icelandic Booking System - Bókun.

Bokun Training

SuperHighway offer Bokun with additional added resources as listed below which is part of our training package.

 Bókun Training

Our Training package includes:

  • Introduction to all the menus in the Bókun Booking System.
  • How to use Bókun effectively within your business.
  • Analysis and improvements to your existing website - search engine optimisation training.
Additional customisations to Bokun can also be purchased.For all enquires:Peter Larsson - peter@superhighway.se tel: 070 313 0637Andy Montgomery - andy@superhighway.se  tel: 073 070 7347

Booking EngineBooking Solution
Sell online with real-time availability. Our responsive widgets work on all websites.
No technical knowledge required. Guaranteed a Happy Booking.

Online Credit Card PaymentsOnline Payments
Accept payments on your own website through a secure payment gateway, easily manage refunds and cancellations.

packagingPackaging & Add-ons
Package your services with partners for a more enhanced product offering. Sell add-ons and extras with any product.

marketplaceBokun Marketplace
Create commission contracts and cross sell services through partnerships in the Marketplace. No middle man commission or fees.

Channel ManagementChannel Management
Distribute your products to global OTA's, provide agents with a self-service log-in or sell your services directly on any website.

price managementPrice Management
Sell your products in multiple currencies, manage complex price catalogs and seasonal prices across all channels.

Other courses available - SEO Course