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Test of movie for Hosting with SUPERHIGHWAY

This is a full HD movie running from our servers on Amazon AWS. This is the kind of speed you will have for your website should you decide to host with SUPERHIGHWAY. Slow websites lose traffic. If you want to read more about our hosting services for all of your content please read Web Design…

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Bókun Training in Luleå

Bókun Training Course in Luleå Tomorrow we start our first 2-day training course in association with Swedish Lapland on how to setup and use the popular tourism booking engine – Bókun. 10 participants will take part in our new training course. Our course structure first starts with talking about all the menus in Bokun as well…

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WordPress Updates in Version 4.8 (Evans)


Today WordPress released version 4.8 – Some nice features are creeping in and some were overdue! Image, Video, Audio and Text Widgets If you know anything about widgets then you will understand the flexibility of WordPress. Widgets allow you to add certain features to all of your pages or posts, or even to the ones…

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Ouroboros Luleå – Security Check

Ouroboros Luleå Security Check

Another Happy & Secure Customer – Ouroboros Luleå It’s always good to check the security of your site – especially now in the days of hacked sites, ransomware and being vulnerable to out-of-date versions of WordPress and plugins. Here’s a great tool to checkout the security of your website: Get Secure If you value the…

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Booking Engines Are Transforming Tourism

Lapland Travel Industry

Booking engines provide a powerful way for customers to interact and connect with online businesses. There are so many scenarios where booking engines can be used, here are just a few project examples which SuperHighway have been working with recently: Book a Place on a Educational Course Booking a place on an event or course.…

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Where Design Ends and Confusion Starts

Wordpress Editor

Complex WordPress Editors Are Not What We Want A lot of WordPress interfaces for adding posts or pages can be very confusing for business owners. WordPress themes consist of many extra features and can help create simple or complex layouts. However, the website owner only wants a fast way to add new content without having to…

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We have been rated A+ !!!

As a provider of domain and hosting services we have been awarded A+ for our Secure SSL Services. SSL provides highly encrypted security for visitors to any of our hosted websites. We recommend securing your site if you collect emails or other private information from visitors. Anybody who transfers to Superhighway will automatically received a secure…

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Website Owners – WordPress Updates

Wordpress Updates

Important Info about WordPress WordPress – What’s Inside? Who is Managing Your Updates? Why You Should Update Your Site Regularly Why Does WordPress Break? How Much Are You Being Charged Every Year For Your Webbhotell? The Good News! WordPress – What’s Inside? WordPress is like a car – it needs a bit of maintenance and…

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More important that one’s site uses https:// and not http://

Google works a lot for a safer internet. One thing they already did is that all searches by those sites that have valid security certificates rank higher than those who do not. Now they will take the next step in making us using the Chrome browser more readable about which pages you browse for, which…

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